TONE Networks Launches Subscription-based Video and Social Network Today

TONE Networks, a subscription-based video and social network for time-starved women, launched today at  The first product offering of New York City-based Chart One Media, Tone Networks reinforces the growing women helping women movement by providing a supportive online community complete with access to both expert coaching and peer to peer advice.

“As amazing jugglers of career and family, women often don’t invest in themselves to grow personally and professionally,” said TONE Networks & Chart One Media Founder and CEO, Gemma Toner.  “We’ve created this community called TONE Networks where they can receive real advice from real women when they need it. “
An initial team of 14 TONE credentialed experts will deliver bite-sized tips via short form videos on topics that really matter to women — life, work, mind and body.  In addition to the typical challenges of nutrition, fitness and money matters, TONE experts from all over the country offer tips for everything from procrastination and personal branding to rebounding from crisis and making your brain smarter. Dr. Vesna Skul of Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine is one of the credentialed experts. As momentum for TONE Networks grows and demand increases, so will this group of carefully-selected, category-specific, unpaid experts.

About TONE Networks

A subscription-based membership, priced at $3.99 per month and less than $50 per year, provides members with all original, advertising-free content including:

Weekly Personalized Emails: featuring bite-sized videos and tips tailored to each user.

TONE Takeaways: quick recaps of videos to help members absorb what they learned.

TONE Talks: weekly moderated group chats with the TONE Networks community.

TONE Live: monthly streamed events with a featured expert.

Clicks for Good: TONE’s way of supporting non-profits that help women and children.

“From co-workers and clients to sisters and girlfriends, we can all benefit from a resource like TONE Networks that offers timely advice, inspiration and humor,” said Toner. “Our market research uncovered demand for a community for women helping women and we feel we’re delivering it at just the right time.”

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About Dr. Vesna Skul

Vesna Skul, MD, FACP, is a founder and the Medical Director of the Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine, a multi-specialty, holistic medical practice in Chicago.  She is an expert on women’s health and the integration of alternative and complementary medicine into mainstream medical practice.

For many decades, Dr. Skul has been recognized by Chicago Magazine as one of the Best Doctors for Women in Chicago and Top Primary Care Doctors in Chicago. She was ranked as one of The Nation’s Top Doctors by US News. She was awarded Top 5% of Chicago Metro Area Physicians by Super Doctor and Regional Top Doctor by Castle Connolly year after year.

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