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Comprehensive Center for Women's Medicine

Integrative and Holistic Women's Health Practice located in Gold Coast, Chicago, IL

Women have health needs unique to their physiology. At the Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine, the board-certified internal medicine practitioners who have advanced training in gynecological care, anti-aging, and aesthetic medicine provide comprehensive women’s health care to patients in the Gold Coast area of Chicago, Illinois. Call the office or schedule online to take advantage of their expertise.

Women's Health Q&A

What is involved in women’s health care?

Practitioners at Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine treat women from adolescence to senescence. Their approach is different than that of most other women’s health providers whose focus is typically on reproductive care. They frequently see women of several generations of the same family.


Physicians teach adolescents the principles of a healthy lifestyle, help them recognize and effectively deal with bullying and stress that comes with striving to excel in their education and form healthy social networks thus preparing them for healthy adulthood.

Young adulthood and Reproductive age 

Physicians provide comprehensive wellness examination in addition to Pap smears, STI screening, fitness and nutrition counseling, contraception management and family planning, complete with preconception counseling and evaluation for postpartum depression.

Midlife age group and beyond

The majority of Comprehensive Center for Medicine new patients specifically seek the Center’s physicians due to their nationally recognized expertise in managing menopause and hormonal health of women in midlife. They have been among the earliest adopters of science-based use of hormonal restoration. They will also competently address other health conditions emerging in this age group like screening for cardiovascular diseases and cancer (breast, colorectal and skin). 

The providers at the Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine recognize that one of the most poorly addressed health issues of women in midlife and beyond is urinary incontinence. Drugs and surgery fail to provide satisfactory improvements to the problem for most women, but the practitioners have a highly successful noninvasive approach available.

Other aspects of women’s healthcare emphasized at the Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine are:

  • Wellness and lifestyle counseling for all age groups
  • Age-appropriate screening exams
  • Pap smears
  • Comprehensive contraceptive counseling and management
  • Family planning counseling
  • Fertility diagnosis and management
  • Collaboration with obstetricians and gynecologists with similar practice philosophy
  • Referrals to subspecialists with similar practice philosophy when appropriate
  • Menopause and hormone management with bioidentical hormones
  • Management of urinary incontinence
  • Noninvasive management of painful conditions
  • Aesthetic assessment and management
  • Mental health assessment after fertility

What screening tests are included in women’s health care?

Routine screening tests done in the office include Pap smears that look for abnormal cells on the cervix. Early detection of these cells can prevent cervical cancer. HPV, or human papillomavirus test checks for this common sexually transmitted disease. Early identification of HPV is vital because some strains increase your risk of certain cancers.

Clinical breast exams and pelvic exams detect abnormalities that may warrant further investigation. If anything unusual is detected, the providers at the Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine have an extensive network of like-minded doctors in the area to whom they refer patients when further testing or treatment is needed.

Screening for colorectal cancer needs to start earlier than previously recommended as it has been found that it is beginning to affect patients at a younger age. Physicians at Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine offer Cologuard, a non-invasive DNA test which helps discover cancer cells before there are any clinical symptoms

The doctors also assess patients’ individual nutritional needs through screening for nutrient deficiencies through blood testing (Spectracell) or nutrigenomic DNA testing (Regenr8).

What aesthetic treatments are available?

The doctors at the Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine understand how important looking good is to feel good. They also realize that the only way the state of the art aesthetic treatments really works is through a sound foundation of good health. Botox® and dermal filler injections smooth lines and fill in lost volume. Specialized facials, peels, laser resurfacing boost the quality of your complexion. Skin tightening, laser resurfacing and intense pulsed light therapy improve the quality of aging skin through the restoration of collagen and treatment of pigment due to sun damage. Combined with healthy nutrition, exercise and seasonal food-based detoxification programs, body contouring services, including CoolSculpt and EMSculpt provide lasting results. Talk to Dr. Skul, a master injector and a medical director of Cellular Intelligence Medspa about your aesthetic goals and learn more about the noninvasive, effective options available.


For all your basic women’s healthcare needs, call the Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine or schedule an appointment using this website.