Thanksgiving 2019

Dear Friends:

As the Holidays are approaching we are reflecting on over 3 decades of practicing medicine the way we believe medicine should be practiced, honoring our patients’ needs and providing ample time to discuss and solve problems or celebrate wellness.  

It has been a privilege to have you as our patients and to those of you who followed us after our transition into “out of network status,” we extend our heartfelt gratitude.  

We continue to focus on complex internal medicine diagnostic issues, integrative and preventive medicine complete with lifestyle counseling, menopause and hormonal management and autoimmune disorders. Most recently we have begun to screen many of our patients for evidence of environmental toxicity which may be at the root cause of fatigue, thyroid disorders and many other chronic diseases and we offer highly effective detoxification and weight loss programs. We are the first practice in Chicago to offer epigenetic testing which helps formulate a customized nutrition plan. Additionally, we offer a unique noninvasive approach to pain management utilizing the first smart pain device, FDA cleared for acute and chronic pain and being utilized in a pilot study, designed by our practice, for treatment of urinary incontinence.

We regret that many of you were left thinking that we became “concierge doctors” which meant a large annual fee just to remain in the practice. We would like to clearly explain how our practice has been operating since June 2017. We are located at 100 E. Walton, Suite 400 W, Chicago and share a space with Cellular Intelligence Medspa. As you are well aware, the practice of primary care has radically changed, becoming depersonalized with many barriers placed between a patient and their physicians, including restrictions on how long a visit can last and how many problems can be covered during one visit. We continue to provide the comprehensive care that we think everyone deserves, which requires talking to the patient and listening carefully to identify everything that can be impacting their health and quality of life. You talk, we listen. And ask questions. And make an individualized plan together - that works for You.

We collect no annual fees. Payment of $300.00 for a 60 min visit and $150.00 for a shorter, urgent care-type visit is collected at the time of service. We provide a receipt with all necessary documentation for you to submit to your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement. All of the recommended testing (ie. blood work, Pap tests, mammograms, X-rays, bone density, CT and MRI scans and ultrasounds) is still covered by your insurance, once you have met your deductible. If a new patient is referred to the practice, their initial 60 – 75 min visit will be $500.00. We are most appreciative of all of your referrals over the years.

We believe that everyone deserves a highly personalized and comprehensive experience during their healthcare encounter. Good health care is a basic human right. We became doctors because we love to help people live a better life and we hope that we will be able to help you live yours to your fullest potential.


Five tips for a healthy Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving being the traditional kickoff to the holiday season, the time can be filled with love, laughter and good company. But it can also be filled with temporary license to overeat and toss the good health habits away.

If you don't want to start the holidays on the wrong foot or with too many calories under your belt (traditional Thanksgiving feast packing in an average of 5000 kcal), you can enjoy them and keep to your healthy lifestyle habits. 

  1. Strengthen your exercise routine
    Get a great workout and burn some extra calories before you ever indulge in your favorite foods in the morning of Thanksgiving. In the weeks ahead, aim for extra daily steps or add an additional workout to your weekly routine. Make fitness a family routine and enjoy the holidays by taking a walk around the neighborhood before or after dinner.
  2. Eat breakfast
    Don’t come to the family gathering starving. Eating a balanced meal complete with high-quality protein, fiber and healthy fats will fill you up, decrease your cravings and allow you to be more discriminating in your choice of food and beverages later in the day. The meal can be an egg with some veggies and a slice of Ezekial toast or your favorite green smoothie fortified with a protein shake.
  3. Serve lighter versions of the old favorites
    Whether you are a guest bringing a dish to share or are hosting the feast, you can make your recipes delicious but use far less sugar or fat. The traditional recipes call for much more than is necessary to awaken the natural flavors in the foods and your healthier substitutions will not even be noticed. Try using organic vegetable or chicken broth for basting, sautéing and making gravy and add only a fraction of butter or other fat. Use full-fat Greek yogurt for creamy sauces instead of sour cream or try making them using cashew or almond cream and substitute fruit purees for oil and sugar in baked goods. Pumpkin parfait will look elegant and taste delicious at a fraction of caloric cost compared to traditional pumpkin pie. Layers of pumpkin whipped with unsweetened organic condensed milk, spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, ginger and lemon, alternating with cashew cream and topped with tsp of organic cranberries sautéed in juice of blood orange sweetened, if desired, with a touch of raw honey.
  4. Keep your plate colorful and glass clear
    Thanksgiving tables or buffets are bountiful and beautiful. Survey the offerings and fill your plate 1/3 to 1/2 with low caloric density vegetables in a rainbow of colors, leaving the rest for small portions of lean protein (turkey, ham, more recently fish and meat-free alternatives like tofurkey or beyond meat products, making sure they are not overly processed and organic, especially if containing soy) and sides. The key is moderation and no seconds. Keep your glass filled with water. If you enjoy alcohol with your meal, keep it at a minimum. Savor your meal slowly and enjoy the flavors of every mouthful.
  5. Remember the true meaning of Thanksgiving
    Thanksgiving is not just about the delicious bounty of food. It is a time to celebrate family and friends, reflect on the ties that bring us together and share our blessings with those less fortunate.  Many families integrate the gift of giving their time to organizations that support those in need by helping prepare or serve their holiday meal. Try it this year. You will find it truly rewarding.

To all of our patients who have become dear friends and are part of the Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine family, we wish a healthy, happy and safe holiday season.

Dr. Vesna, Dr. Danuta, Tyra and Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine staff

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