Kick Off the New Year with a Free Clean Day Trial Pack

Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine would like to send you a FREE sample of Clean Burn Shape to try out for a day. So many of our patients love this program, we thought you would too! Simply click on this link, enter CBS-57330 in the code, and we will send you a 1 Day Clean Day Trial Pack FREE.

The Clean Day Trial Pack has Orenda Clean, Orenda Burn and Orenda Shape. You will get all the components of a Clean Day on the program. We’ll send you 2 Clean stick packs, 3 Burn capsules and 1 Vanilla Shape individual serving… all for free.

Clean assists in nourishing the body with nutrients that help in clearing out and detoxifying unwanted substances from your body.

Burn is your daily partner in weightless throughout your 100-day transformation, helping fan the flames of your weight loss efforts in a variety of ways.

Shape is a Hyper Premium nutritional shake in Vanilla or Chocolate full of nutrition including huge amounts of greens, vitamins, minerals and flavor. Curbing cravings and satisfying hunger is Shape’s specialty.

Orenda International is a company on the leading edge of natural health. Health Professionals across the United States and United Kingdom are using the Orenda products in their practice and with their patients, and are experiencing exceptional results. Orenda’s Clean, Burn and Shape program will have you seeing and feeling results faster than you thought possible.

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