Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

internal medicineInternal Medicine doctors at Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine, Dr. Skul and Dr. Hoyer treat complex medical problems for adult patients. Medical problems ranging from hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and arthritis. They also practice preventive care medicine, including annual exams with Pap screening, contraceptive counseling, menopausal management, screening for and treatment of osteoporosis. Dr. Skul and Dr. Hoyer emphasize healthy lifestyle, nutrition and fitness and offer successful approaches to weight management. Patients are encouraged to be active participants in their health care decisions.

In addition, they provide experienced guidance in nutritional management and diagnostics, utilizing state of the art testing Spectracell Laboratories (advanced clinical testing) and LipoScience (cardiovascular laboratory screening).

In order to care for our patients more completely, we have selected subspecialists in allergy and immunology, gastroenterology, chronic disease and hormone replacement therapy to provide on site consultations at the Center. All of us share the same philosophy of patient centered care and have a strong commitment to education of patients and medical professionals.

Call Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine at 773.435.1150 to make an appointment with one of our internal medicine doctors.

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