Medical Videos and Webinars

Below are medical videos on a variety of health topics including: Bio-Identical Hormones, Progesterone and Progestin , Vitamin D, Hormones and Postpartum Depression, FirstLine Therapy, Heart Attacks, Orenda, and Stress Management.

Medical Webinars

Dr. Vesna Skul – Hashimoto’s Thyroidism Webinar

The National Nutrition Fat Experiment: Was it Successful?

Women’s Health: Aging, Menopause and CV Health



The Reality of Carbohydrate Intolerance


Medical Videos

Dr. Vesna Skul – My Wish for Women 


Bio-Identical Hormones
Presented by ZRT Laboratory


Progesterone vs. Progestin
Presented by ZRT Laboratory


Adrenal Dysfunction
Presented by ZRT Laboratory


Vitamin D
Presented by ZRT Laboratory


Probiotics for Gut Health and Beyond


Endothelial Health Animation – Cardiovascular Function

Dr. Vesna Skul – Why I Do What I Do


Heart Attacks
Presented by Rush University Medical Center


Orenda – Chronic Stress
Presented by Orenda International


Nutritional Deficiencies and Infertility
Presented by SpectraCell Laboratories


Women’s Health – Hormones and Postpartum Depression


Thyroid Module Scientific Review, Interpretation and Clinical Considerations


Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators (SPMs) and Their Effects on Inflammation

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