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About Comprehensive Center for Women's MedicineComprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine is a group of women physicians providing our patients with exceptional healthcare. We practiced women’s health together for several years at Rush University Medical Center and in 2001 opened our medical practice – Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine. Committed to each other and a common goal, we designed a healthcare environment different from the customary doctor’s office.

At Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine, we understand that seeing the doctor is only part of your medical experience. We have a dedicated, highly trained, knowledgeable and friendly staff to help us to provide a warm, family-like atmosphere for our patients.

Our expertise is in primary women’s healthcare. We are specialists in Holistic Medicine, Internal Medicine, Women’s Health, Integrative Medicine and have sub-specialists in chronic illness and skin care. We share the same philosophy of patient-centered care and approach each patient individually to support them through all aspects of their healing process. Our emphasis is on preventive care and patient education as we help our patients achieve optimum health.

Dr. Skul with patientAt the Center, we believe in a comprehensive program that provides opportunities for deep healing. To that end, we embrace a number of highly trained non-allopathic medical specialists.

We believe that patients’ self-image is an important component of their well being. To facilitate this, we provide comprehensive skin care services, ranging from facials, glycolic peels, microdermabrasion and Botox to revolutionary new phototherapy which rejuvenates skin, treats unsightly veins and leads to permanent unwanted hair reduction.

While we created the Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine to serve the needs of our women patients, male patients comprise approximately 10% of the Center’s patients. Our patients come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and span ages from adolescence to senescence. We strive to develop partnerships with our patients to facilitate the best medical decision making. We believe that this ultimately leads to optimum outcomes.

Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine doctors has been recognized as Chicago’s and America’s Top Doctors year after year. Dr. Skul and Dr. Hoyer have been among the Best Doctors for Women in Chicago as reported by Chicago Magazine, for nearly a decade. In 2014, both Dr. Hoyer and Dr. Skul were named “Top Primary Care Doctors in Chicago” by Chicago Magazine. In 2011 they were ranked as The Nation’s Top Doctors by US News. And, in 2012 they were Chicago Super Doctors and won the Super Service Award for Internal Medicine from Angie’s List.

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