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Adrienne M. Balsam, MD


Dr. Adrienne Balsam is a graduate of Tulane University and Chicago Medical School. She completed her residence in psychiatry at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. She was elected Chief Resident in 1994-1995. She has supervised residents in psychiatry and has served on the residency candidate selection committee at Rush for several years. She is a board certified psychiatrist.

Dr. Balsam’s expertise is psychopharmacology, the medical management of all psychiatric disorders. She offers a caring, knowledgeable and dedicated approach to the treatment of her patients’ needs. She has worked along side of Drs. Skul and Hoyer since 1995.

In addition to her busy professional career, Dr. Balsam and her husband are raising two teen aged sons. She enjoys traveling, exercise, reading and entertaining friends in her spare time.


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